interview with Andrew Lang

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alright, another interview of a local candidate done! check out the post on democraticspace!

things that didn’t make it into my piece there.

  1. Andrew had a blog before running as a liberal candidate, but even though he had a bunch of people review it and make sure there wasn’t anything crazy, once the main party saw it they wanted it taken down (to be fair, they didn’t say it was bad, just distracted from his main campaign message). Andrew is a smart cookie though, so he’s recycling some of his old posts into his new and official campaign blog on his site. =D
  2. Andrew is a bit of an astronomy buff, which is of course cool to me. he talked about taking an astronomy course in university and how it has influenced his thinking. as a sci-fi nerd and casual astronomy fan myself, i respect that.

i’m hoping to interview the conservative candidate, but i have my doubts that she’ll make herself available. also i want to interview Jack, but i’ll settle for interviewing someone on his staff. but not until after the debates. i think i need to think up something else to blog about until after the debates, any ideas?

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