tattoo day!

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way back when i was seventeen years old, i decided to get a tattoo on my left forearm. i really liked that tattoo, it looked good and expressed something about myself at that point in my life. despite the prognostications of some family and friends, i never really regreted getting the tattoo.

that’s not to say i didn’t regret some elements of the tattoo, my thirty year old self knows that it wasn’t the wisest decision to get the tattoo done by a “friend” when visiting montreal during march break way back when. also, i count several talented artists as friends (and did even then too) and despite how much i liked the design i did sort of regret picking it out of a tattoo magazine.

so, a short 13 years later, my tattoo is faded so much that most people don’t know i have one, i’m about to get it covered with a new and improved tattoo. custom designed by my good friend emily (thanks em!), expressing a complicated idea that means quite a bit to me, and executed by a talented tattoo artist, i’m hoping i’ve learnt from my first tattoo experience!

i’m not sure how many sittings it’s going to take, but i’ll post photos as soon as i am able.

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