fighting jetlag in geneva

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well i made it to geneva in one piece, but next time i’m packing some sleeping pills. for some reason i always forget just how unpleasent inter-continential flights are for me in cattle class. being a 6 foot 1 man in a seat too small for a 5 foot 7 woman makes it a very uncomfortable experience. i alway imagine before taking a red-eye flight that i’ll get a solid 4 hours of sleep in, but never manage to make more than 2. live and learn i guess.

enough complaining, i’m in geneva! it’s 20C and beautiful. no real stories yet as i’m tired as fricken hell, but i’ll give you some photos, and maybe a movie or two.

check out the set

waterfront - geneva

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  1. 1 Moira said at 12:22 pm on April 10th, 2009:

    Okay, Darren, get your game face on. I’m sympathetic to sleep deprivation and time differences, but get your fingers on the keys and start typing, please & thank you. Your readers demand more blog! Or at least, I do. 🙂 Hope all is well in Geneva, don’t forget to eat steak & frites at L’entrecote, you won’t regret the experience! Also, if you can make it out into the vineyards around the city, they’re very beautiful.

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