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I knew, deep down, that this would happen when I booked my “oh my god I’ve been saving aeroplan points for years for this” trip to leave in early February. Late last week I started checking the weather reports obsessively, and my sense of disaster increased day by day. Forecasts started calling for “light snow”, then the next day it was “5 cm snow”, but this is Canada right, we can handle 5cm?

Stupid “Blizzard”

At the very least my obsessive weather checking meant that I knew as soon as my flight out of Toronto was cancelled, and called into aeroplan early enough to get them to put me on the flight leaving a day earlier. So a mad dash of getting everything done last minute later, some drama with an annoying US Customs agent, and one economy segment later, and I’m safe and sound in LA and killing an unexpected extra day in LA.


Decided to go with the cheapest/easiest way and just too the tourist bus to Manhattan Beach, which was pretty quiet. I did have a delicious breakfast burrito though.

Mini Breakfast Review

Ocean View Cafe – Manhattan Beach, California

Cristobal Bacon Burrito – $4.99
Bacon Burrito

On it’s own the burrito was ok, good ingredients but obviously spiced for white people. Once I went a bit crazy with the bottle of Tapatio hot sauce it was delicious. IMHO you simply cannot have a burrito without some heat.

Another awesome thing – I forgot how delicious fresh tomato is, I always do in the winter. It was such a treat to have tomato that tasted half decent inside the burrito.

The hash browns were meh, but the service was excellent with a very personable waiter who I sat and chatted with for a little bit.

Now I’m sitting in LAX, waiting for the Thai Airways counter to open so I can check in for my next flight – 18 hours from LAX to Bangkok. Next update should be from Thailand!

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  1. 1 Sameer Vasta said at 6:36 pm on February 2nd, 2011:

    Phew! Glad you made it there safely, despite the last-minute craziness. And that burrito looks delicious!

    Sending good wishes for the next leg of your trip.

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