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when i was home, thinking about how i’d like to spend the 10 or so days i had available to me, i used a combination of googlemaps and various flight booking sites to pick somewhere that was both interesting to me and not too expensive to get to. that’s how i ended up in Geneva, it seemed the most geographically close to a few areas of interest, France and Italy. Switzerland was really just a side bonus, i’d heard it was nice but never had a burning desire to visit, it certainly wasn’t in my top-ten to visit spots. imagine my surprise then as i purchased an eight day all Switzerland rail pass today.

it turns out that switzerland is absolutely gorgeous in the spring, or at least i have lucked out and hit a particularly beautiful patch of weather. 20C and sunny, warm enough to walk around in a short sleeved shirt, but cool enough that you’re never hot. so, in the interest of simplifying my life, and knowing in advance just how much i’ll be spending on transportation (it’s pretty damned expensive here), i’ve decided to stick to switzerland.

ok enough blather about my plans… going back to basics, i’ll leave you with a mini review of my dinner.

restaurant santa lucia – Zürich (all amounts in swiss francs)
1 bottle san pelligrino water – 5.20
pizza prosciutto alla spalla – 20.00

the view from the cafe

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