so i’ll never be a professional blogger

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people talk all about the democratizing potential of easy publishing of your thoughts, but heck, sometimes you just don’t have anything interesting to say.

a quick update i guess, got my replacement nano, thinking of buying carbon offsets for the stupid fact that although the apple repair depot is less than 50km’s from my home they decided to ship me a brand new one all the way from china. i guess everything comes from china now, but it makes you feel extra guilty when you see the fedex tracking data on your individual bit of mass manufactured consumerism crossing the world just for you.

looking for a good skin for the nano, i don’t really think i want to have to post about a broken nano twice (and i somehow doubt that apple will replace one again [even though i still think it’s a design flaw that a portable device breaks so easily]). any recommendations? so far i haven’t even found any in stores, so if you spot a review for skins for the new nanos i’d appreciate a link in a comment.

oh and just to prove there’s no hard feelings between me and apple, i bought myself a new macbook… you know, just cause i’m nice like that, i didn’t want apple to think i was _really_ mad at them.

sad day – my nano is broken

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my poor nano

sigh – tomorrow it’s off to the apple store to see if they’ll replace this. i measured, it fell all of 2 feet, a portable device should not suffer catastrophic failure from such a relatively minor fall.

i’ll post tomorrow with the results of my beg-a-thon at the apple store



i went directly to the apple store today and was unsuccessful in convincing them to help me. i guess i shouldn’t be surprised, the folk at the store aren’t exactly empowered to fix customer relations issues.

i’m on the phone with apple support, the 1st level tech, after seeing this photo, told me “that should not happen with an ipod no matter how far it drops” and i’m currently on hold waiting for the 2nd tier support who has the authority to do something about this. cautiously optimistic that apple will fix this problem.


need to call back tomorrow and get in touch with customer relations. =(


Apple will repair my ipod, but i did have the misfortune of having to talk to the crabbiest person at Apple (Janet from customer relations). they’re going to ship me a box, i’m going to put the nano in it, and at some undetermined point in the future i should get my purple nano back… after which i will go out and buy myself one of those rubberized cases. in the meantime, i’ll use my first gen ipod nano, the one that is damn near indestructible. 

so, consider my story a warning, the new nanos are beautiful but extremely FRAGILE