counting coins

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i’m a bit of a nomad. i think i’ve lived in 15 different apartment since i moved out at 17, and it’s entirely possible i’ve missed one or two places. it should come as no surprise that i’m moving again.

this post isn’t about moving.

when i get home i always empty my pockets. little bits of paper and coins mostly, and they all get dumped on the nearest available surface. the paper ends up either shredded, filed, or thrown out with my infrequent bouts of tidying, the coins get stashed in the nearest available coin vessel. it started with an old plastic ice cream container, when that filled up i grabbed an old juice jug, which eventually spilled over into other containers over the last decade or so.

today, while packing i drew the line, no more. not again. i would not move those damned coins into yet another apartment.

instead i emptied all the various coin collecting vessels into a fabric shopping bag and realized that i had perhaps waited five years too long to get this done.

I had 40 pounds of pennies, nickles, dimes, some quarters, maybe a couple loonies and toonies.

in my head i always knew i had lots of change lying around, but holy shit batman. how much were they worth?
What does 40lbs in change get you?


unbelievable! that’s after a 9.8% service charge too.

the responsible thing to do would be to put this money down on my student loans, but a certain friend keeps on telling me that i _need_ to get an xbox 360.

maybe one of the six people who read my blog have suggestions on what i should do with this windfall?